Regulations and Rules
  • Ⅰ. Host

    Publicity Department of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China,Sports Bureau of Jiangsu Province,Wuxi Municipal People’s Government

    Ⅱ. Organizer

    Jiangsu Sports Competitions Administration Center,Sports Bureau of Wuxi City, Huipao Event

    Technical Certification: Chinese Athletics Association

    Ⅲ. Technical Certification

    Chinese Athletics Association

    Ⅳ. Event Date and Place

    April 11st, 2021      Wuxi • China

    Ⅴ. Event Race

    Marathon (42.195 km), Half Marathon (21.0975 km), Mini Marathon (5 km)

    Ⅵ. Race Group

    Men’s marathon group, women’s marathon group, men’s half-marathon group, women’s half marathon group, mini marathon group

    Ⅶ. Start Time

    7:30, April 11st, 2021

    Ⅷ. Start and Finish

    (Ⅰ) Start: the crossing of Taihu Avenue and Yinxiu Road;

    (Ⅱ) Finish: Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center (marathon), the stadium of Jiangnan University (half marathon), Lihu Central Park (mini marathon)

    IX. Competition Rules

    (I)It will be implemented in accordance with the latest WA competition rules and regulations approved by CAA.

    (II)According to the "Notice on Disabled Athletes Participating in National Marathon and Related Sports Events" issued by CAA, disabled participants who meet the participating conditions are allowed to participate in this competition.

    (III)The best result of the marathon or half marathon held on the “Chinese Marathon” platform between December 1st, 2018 and December 1st, 2020 as the certification level of “A1 event” will be taken as the basis of the division, and the participants will enter the designated area to gather. Non-racing wheelchair participants and those with baby strollers must gather behind the mini marathon assembly area. Wheelchair participants are not allowed to participate in this race because the course conditions do not permit.

    The organizing committee will set up the roll-call carpet in front of each division. The participants must enter in strict accordance with the division. After the start of the race, the result will be valid only if the participant passes the roll-call carpet of his/her division and then the timing carpet of  starting point.

    (IV)The way of start

    The method of starting at the same time with one shot is adopted. If a participant commits a null start, it will not stop and the Chief Referee will proceed to disqualify him.

    (V)Timing method

    1. This event adopts the induction timing method for marathon and half marathon. The induction timing chip will start the timing after the participant passes the starting point (net time), while the mini marathon will not be timed. Only elite athletes will use the gun time.

    2. Timing carpets are set at the starting point, every 5km point, the turning point and the finishing point. Participants must pass all the timing carpets in turn during the race. Finishing the race within the cut-off time but missing any of the timing points will result in cancellation of the final result and will not be ranked.

    3. Timing chips will be distributed at the check-in site together with number bibs and other items. The one-time timing chips will be used in this event. No deposit will be charged and no return will be made after the race.

    (VI)Cut-off distance and time

    In order to ensure the safety of the participants, the rolling closure of social traffic is carried out within a limited time. Each section of the race route has a special cut-off time. At the cut-off time, the timing carpet at the corresponding distance point will stop working and the social traffic will resume at the corresponding road section. Within the prescribed cut-off time, the participants who do not finish the corresponding distance shall immediately stop the race and exit the course to avoid any danger. Participants who quit the race can take one of the broom buses along the way to the finish or choose to leave by public transport. The cut-off time will be calculated according to natural time, as shown in the table below:



    Cut-off time

    Mini marathon



    Marathon & Half marathon









    Half marathon














    (VII)Drop bag service

    1. Participants of marathon and half marathon will deposit their clothes in the designated area of the starting point according to the number bib. After arriving at the finish, they will pick up their clothes in the corresponding area of the number bib. The organizing committee will not inspect the items placed in the bag. Therefore, the complaints about the status of the items will not be accepted and the participants will not be liable for loss or damage. We suggest that valuables such as mobile phones, certificates and cash should not be stored in the luggage. Drop bag service is not available for mini marathon.

    2. At the starting point on the race day, the organizing committee will stop the drop bag service for the participants at 7:15. Please arrange proper time. Before 11:15 on the race day, half marathon participants shall pick up their personal belongings at the designated area at the finish before 14:15 on the race day. If the participant does not pick it up after the time limit, he/she can get it back from the organizing committee within 5 days after the race (if the participants need to mail it, the cost incurred will be borne by themselves). If the participant does not pick up after the deadline, the organizing committee will treat as no claim.

    (VIII)Medical rescue

    1. The organizing committee will set up fixed medical stations along the course and at the finish of each race.

    2. The organizing committee will set up mobile AED medical rescue service along the course.

    3. The organizing committee will arrange first-aid volunteers along the course to assist in medical aid and maintain the race order. Participants can ask them for help at any time.

    4. In case of loss of consciousness during the event, the medical staff and first aid volunteers of the Organizing Committee will be automatically authorized to give first aid by all means, including but not limited to CPR, AED, rental of vehicles or aviation tools for rapid transport. The resulting legal liability and the accompanying costs shall be borne by the participants themselves. The medical and medical staff, first aid volunteers and the organizing committee staff shall not be held responsible for any legal or economic responsibilities.

    5. During the event, the medical station, the ambulance medical staff and the first aid personnel have the right to judge and stop the participant from participating in the race according to his/her condition. The participant must obey the arrangements of the medical staff and the first aid personnel. If the participant does not follow the advice of the medical staff and the first aid team, all the consequences and responsibilities arising from his/her adherence to the competition shall be borne by the participant himself/herself. If any medical officer on the course asks a participant to withdraw from the race, the participant must immediately stop the race and leave the course.

    (IX) The athletes will be tested for doping in accordance with the relevant regulations of WA and CAA.

    (X) For other specific requirements and arrangements of the event, please refer to the "official manual".

    Ⅹ. Entry measures

     (Ⅰ)Age requirements

    1. Marathon race, aged above 20 (born before Apr.11, 2001)

    2. Half marathon race, aged above 18 (born before Apr.11, 2003)

    3. Mini marathon race, aged above 3 (born before Apr.11, 2018)

    Cautions: Minors under the age of 18 who register to participate in the event must be present at the same time as their guardian or legal representative when check in, and their guardian or legal representative must sign the Participation Notes and Underage Insurance Notification on the site before they can collect the race kits and participate in the event. Minors under the age of 16 shall register for the mini race and their guardian or legal representative shall register for the same event and accompany them to participate in the mini race. Otherwise, the race kits will not be distributed and the roll-call will not be recorded.

    (II)Requirement for the physical status of participants

    Marathon is a high-load, high-intensity, long-distance competitive sport, as well as a high-risk competitive event, which has high requirements on the physical condition of participants. Participants should be in good health and have a long history of running. People with the following physical conditions should not participate in the event:

    1. Congenital heart diseases and rheumatic heart diseases

    2. Hypertension and cerebral vascular diseases

    3. Myocarditis and other heart diseases

    4. Coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia

    5. Diabetes with hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia

    6. Have a cold within two weeks before the race

    7. Pregnancy

    8. Other diseases unsuitable for sports

    The organizing committee requires each participant to have a physical examination in a hospital at or above the county level before the event. Only those who are in good health can participate in the competition. Otherwise, the participants shall bear the responsibility for the personal damage and property loss caused by their own health or other personal reasons.

    (III)Pandemic prevention and control requirements

    1. Participants must register their health code of Jiangsu Province and ensure that the code is green during the race.

    2. Participants must ensure that they have no history of living in middle or high pandemic risk areas during the 28 days before the race.

    3. 14-day travel track must be provided.

    4. Not under concentration medical observation or at home medical observation.

    5. The family members living together also meet the above conditions in 1, 2 and 4.

    6.Cooperate with the organizing committee to conduct pandemic prevention and health inspection.

    7. Submit a negative nucleic acid test (The test date shall be subject to the notice from the organizing committee before the event).

    8. According to the change of pandemic prevention and control, the organizing committee will adjust the prevention and control requirements in real time.

    Those who meet all the above conditions can only take part in the event after being approved by the organizing committee. If any bad influence is caused by concealing or filling in false information, the organizing committee has the right to cancel the qualification of the participant and pursue relevant legal responsibilities according to law.

    The organizing committee will pay close attention to the situation of the pandemic. If there is a major change in the pandemic situation before the event, the event may be postponed or canceled after evaluation.

    (IV)Way of entry

    1. The entry limit for marathon is 18,000, half marathon is 7,000, and mini marathon is 2,000. If the number of applicants exceeds the quota, the method of drawing lots and waiting will be adopted to obtain the qualification.

    2. Please refer to the "Entry Notes" on the official website for details of entry methods, entry procedures, application instructions, alternate and exit methods.

    3. Before the race, the organizing committee will inform the participants to log on the official website to check the entry number.

    4. Each race will allocate 30% of its quota for the first round of the draw to select participants who retained the quota to 2021. Among them, there are 5,400 participants in marathon race, 2100 participants in half marathon race and 600 participants in mini marathon race.

    5. There are 300 charity quotas for the marathon and 200 charity quotas for the half marathon. After the deadline, the participants who choose the charity quota can be exempted from the lottery and directly get the qualification for the race. Once the quota is confirmed, withdrawal will not be accepted.

    6. Participants who have registered for 6 or more events in Wuxi Marathon from 2014 to 2020 and have obtained the qualification (excluding those who apply for a refund after obtaining the quota) can be exempted from the lottery and directly get the qualification. (Note: For those who choose to retain quota from 2020 to 2021, the number of registration sessions will be calculated including the qualification of 2020 Wuxi Marathon)

    7. Invited athletes, official pacers, title sponsors, sponsors, partners and official media will be uniformly allocated by the organizing committee.

    (V)Entry Fee

    Marathon ¥200/Person or $50/person

    Half marathon ¥200/Person or $50/person

    Mini marathon ¥100/Person or $30/person

    Charity Quota ¥1600/Person or $250/person.

    Ⅺ. Prize Measures

    (I)Marathon ranking award:

    The top 8 male and female athletes (according to gun time) will get prize (unit: US dollars) respectively. The Chinese athletes will be given equivalent RMB according to the exchange rate on the day of the event.











    Within 2:09:30 Excluded



    Within 2:26:00 Excluded


    Above 2:09:30 Included


    Above 2:26:00 Included



    Within 2:10:30 Excluded



    2:27:00 Excluded


    Above 2:10:30 Included


    Above 2:27:00 Included



    Within 2:12:00 Excluded



    Within 2:28:00 Excluded


    Above 2:12:00 Included


    Above 2:28:00 Included





















    (II)Half marathon ranking award

    The top 3 male and female athletes (according to net time) will get prize (RMB, unit: yuan) respectively.



















    (III) All the prizes mentioned above are subject to 20% personal income tax. The prize money will be distributed by contacting the winners 30 working days after the race (the athletes who are tested for doping must wait for the results of doping test to be released). If the winner fails the doping test result, his/her performance, ranking and reward will be cancelled. The ranking will not be replaceable. 

    (IV) The top 3 male and female marathon athletes will be awarded trophies and medals respectively.

    (V) Commemorative trophies will be awarded to the top 3 male and female (net timing) Participants in each age group in the marathon, which will be mailed to the Participants after the result announcement period. According to the age at the time of the race, the following groups are divided:

    Under the age of 29

    Age 30 – 34

    Age 35 – 39

    Age 40 – 44

    Age 45 – 49

    Age 50 – 54

    Age 55 – 59

    Over the age of 60

    (VI)Participants who finish the race within the cut-off time can get finishing items and finishing medals (marathon and half marathon) or commemorative medals (mini marathon) with their valid number bib and event wristband.

    (VII) For those who finish the race within the cut-off time (marathon), please apply for the finishing wear via the official website after the race. Please pay attention to the announcement on the official website after the race for the specific application method.

    (VIII) Mini marathon race does not count for results and placing 

    (IX) Participants who finish the competition within the cut-off time can log on to the official website 24 hours after the end of the race to check their results. Participants who are not among the current 20 athletes can download their results certificates at the same time. Certificates include sub-point time, gun time, net time, etc. Failure to achieve any of the induction timing points will result in disqualification of the participant in accordance with WA Rule 240.10.

    (X) The results will be announced on the official website for 10 days within 24 hours after the race. If any participant has any objection to the results during the publicity period, please contact the organizing committee and provide authentic and valid evidence. The current 20 athletes must wait until the end of the publicity period before downloading their certificates from the official website.

    Ⅻ. Punishment Measures

    The Organizing Committee will carry out video monitoring to the start, the entire route and the finish.

     (Ⅰ) Participants, who appear an impostor (run) for entry, fraud to rank and prize for events, and so on and so forth, who at the same time wear more than two (including two) chips in the competition (at timing point error is less than 0.1 seconds), who forge the number bib to entry, who relay alternately, will be punished by Wuxi Marathon organizing committee and CAA. 

    1. The Organizing Committee gives the following punishments:

    1) The Chief Referee will cancel the result and ranking of all relevant violators in 2021 Wuxi Marathon.

    2) All violators will be banned from participating in Wuxi Marathon for life.

    3) The treatment results will be published on the official website of Wuxi Marathon.

    2. CAA gives the following punishments:

    1) Publish the list of all relevant violators and ban all relevant violators from participating in all certified events of CAA for two years.

    2) During and after the penalty period, if the violator has similar violations again, he/she will be banned from participating in all certified events of the CAA for life.

     (Ⅱ) In case of any of the following problems occurring during the competition, the organizing committee will give the participants the punishment of cancellation of qualification and result of 2021 Wuxi Marathon, suspension of competition, 1-2 years and lifetime ban according to the seriousness of the case, and the serious case will be reported to CAA for additional punishment:

    1. Those who entry with false age 

    2. Those who conceal physical diseases

    3. Those who fail to wear number bibs and race wristbands as required

    4. Those who are not in the prescribed starting order in front of the designated starting area

    5. Those who do not start at the prescribed time in the starting activities

    6. Those the coach or agent of which enters the course in any vehicle 

    7. Those who fail to finish the race, take a short cut or cut in the middle of the race

    8. Those who foul such as squeezing, pushing, bumping into or tripping over others in the competition

    9. Those who pass the finishing line repeatedly to claim souvenirs without following the specified requirements

    10. Those who pass the finish line without finishing the whole race to get souvenirs

    11. Those who do not obey the instructions of the referee

    12. Those who curse, fight or cause trouble during the competition

    13. Those who stay for a long-time cause security risks in the area where the participants are located

    14. Other violations of competition regulations

    15. Violation of the Competence Rule 144.3 (a) of the WA.

    16. Violation of the Competence Rule 163.15 (c) of the WA on refreshment out of area.

    17. Violation of the Competence Rule 240.6 of the WA on null start.

    Unlisted items are controlled by CAA and WA in accordance with technical regulations.

    It is illegal to use false information to obtain the race qualification or transfer the race qualification to others after registration, and the replacement Participant shall be responsible for all the consequences of the race.

    ⅩⅢ. Insurance

    This competition provides insurance for all participants and staff. The policy is subject to the registration information. Any wrong registration information will lead to the failure of insurance. The responsibility shall be borne by the applicant.

    XIV. Technical representatives, technical officials and umpires.

    To be appointed by WA, CAA and Sports Bureau of Jiangsu Province.

    XV. Wuxi Marathon Organizing Committee  

    (I) Service Tel: 400-99-42195 Ext. 1

    (Work Time: 9:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday)


    (III)Official website:

    Matters not specified in the regulations are subject to the rules of CAA and WA. The right of interpretation of this regulation belongs to Wuxi Marathon Organizing Committee. Any matters not mentioned herein will be notified separately.


    Wuxi Marathon Organizing Committee

    March 8th, 2021


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