Entry Notes
  • Ⅰ. Event basic information   

    (Ⅰ)Event date and departure time

    7:30, April 11st, 2021

    (Ⅱ)Event race

    Marathon (42.195 km),Half Marathon(21.0975 km),Mini Marathon(5 km) 

    Ⅱ. Qualification  

     (Ⅰ)Age requirements

    1. Marathon event, aged above 20 (born before Apr.11, 2001)

    2. Half marathon event, aged above 18 (born before Apr.11, 2003)

    3. Mini marathon event, aged above 3 (born before Apr.11, 2018)

    Cautions: Minors under the age of 18 who register to participate in the event must be present at the same time as their guardian or legal representative when check in, and their guardian or legal representative must sign the Participation Notes and Underage Insurance Notification on the spot before they can collect the race kits and participate in the event. Minors under the age of 16 shall register for the mini race and their guardian or legal representative shall register for the same event and accompany them to participate in the mini race. Otherwise, the race kits will not be issued and the roll-call will not be recorded.

    (II)Requirement for the physical status of participants

    Marathon is a high-load, high-intensity, long-distance competitive sport, as well as a high-risk competitive event, which has high requirements on the physical condition of participants. Participants should be in good health and have a long history of running. People with the following physical conditions should not participate in the event:

    1. Congenital heart diseases and rheumatic heart diseases

    2. Hypertension and cerebral vascular diseases

    3. Myocarditis and other heart diseases

    4. Coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia

    5. Diabetes with hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia

    6. Have a cold within two weeks before the race

    7. Pregnancy

    8. Other diseases unsuitable for sports.

    The organizing committee requires each participant to have a physical examination in a hospital at or above the county level before the event. Only those who are in good health can participate in the competition. Otherwise, the participants shall bear the responsibility for the personal damage and property loss caused by their own health or other personal reasons.

    (III)Pandemic prevention and control requirements

    1. Participants must register their health code of Jiangsu Province and ensure that the code is green during the race.

    2. Participants must ensure that they have no history of living in middle or high pandemic risk areas during the 28 days before the race.

    3. 14-day travel track must be provided.

    4. Not under concentration medical observation or at home medical observation.

    5. The family members living together also meet the above conditions in 1, 2 and 4.

    6.Cooperate with the organizing committee to conduct pandemic prevention and health inspection.

    7.Submit a negative nucleic acid test report dated on or after April 5th.

    8. According to the change of pandemic prevention and control, the organizing committee will adjust the prevention and control requirements in real time.

    Those who meet all the above conditions can only take part in the event after being approved by the organizing committee. If any bad influence is caused by concealing or filling in false information, the organizing committee has the right to cancel the qualification of the participant and pursue relevant legal responsibilities according to law.

    The organizing committee will pay close attention to the situation of the pandemic. If there is a major change in the pandemic situation before the event, the event may be postponed or canceled after evaluation.

    Ⅲ. Entry-related information  

    (Ⅰ)Time of entry

    10:00, Mar.10(Wed.), 2021 to 17:00, Mar.12(Fri.), 2021

    (Ⅱ)Time for publicizing the lot-drawing results

    Mar.14(Sun.), 2021

    (Ⅲ)Time of payment

    Mar.14(Sun.), 2021 to 17:00, Mar.16(Tues.), 2021

     (IV)Entry Fee


    Chinese Nationality (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)





    Half Marathon



    Mini Marathon



    Charity Quota



    (V)Way of entry

    1. The entry limit for marathon is 18,000, half marathon is 7,000, and mini marathon is 2,000. If the number of applicants exceeds the quota, the method of drawing lots and waiting will be adopted to obtain the qualification.

    2. Participants who choose to retain entry from 2020 to 2021 do not need to register again. The system automatically acquires that they have successfully registered for 2021 Wuxi Marathon. These participants will participate in the first draw of 30% of the rated number of each event reserved by the organizing committee. Among them, there are 5,400 participants in marathon race, 2100 participants in half marathon race and 600 participants in mini marathon race. If they fail to win the first draw, they will continue to participate in the second draw of the remaining places.

    3. Entry process: Visit the official website/WeChat mini program → Click to entry → Read and sign the Health Management Notification →Complete the entry operation according to the requirements of the page and pay the entry fee→ Obtain the quota or the standby qualification.

    4. Method of lotting: The result of lotting will be announced on March 14th, 2021, and winning participants the waiting number of unwinning participants will be selected once. Participants can log on to the official website after announcing the result of the draw.

    5. The winning candidate must pay the entry fee before 17:00 on March 16th, 2021. Otherwise, it will be regarded as giving up the entry qualification automatically, and the quota will be released to the candidate whose waiting number is smaller after 10:00 on March 17th, 2021.

    6. Candidates who accept the waiting queue also need to pay the entry fee before 17:00, March 16th, 2021, otherwise it will be regarded as giving up the waiting opportunity, and the waiting number will not be kept.

    7. Waiting for and exiting:

    (1) Waiting mechanism

    A: If you can't take part in the event, you can go through the exit procedure on the official website. If you can't take part in the event, you will be replaced by the one at the top of the waiting list.

    B: If the candidate does not continue to participate in the alternate, he/she can withdraw from the alternate or reserve his/her quota to the next event on the official website. The organizing committee will reserve 20% of the rated size for the first round of the next event to candidates who select the reserved. The unsuccessful candidates in the first round of the draw can still continue to participate in the public draw.

    (2) Refund rules: participants can click on the entry details page register "exit" button to apply refund application, before March 21st, 2021 (including) 50% fee refund. The entry fee will be refunded to the account paid at the time of entry within one week after the submission of the exit application. No exit will be accepted after March 21st, 2021.

    Participants who fail to wait up after March 21st, 2021 will be automatically retained to register for the next event, and can still apply for withdrawal from the official website at any time. The organizing committee will refund the full amount of the entry fee to the actual debit account of the participant at the time of entry within one week after receiving the withdrawal application.

    The charity quota service will expire. Refund application will not be accepted once entry is confirmed.

    In case of postponement or cancellation of the event, the organizing committee will open a certain period of full exit period for all participants, and the waiting period of refund will be extended according to the new time of the event.

    (VI)Drawing rules

    1. Participants who have registered for 6 or more events in Wuxi Marathon from 2014 to 2020 and have obtained the qualification (excluding those who apply for a refund after obtaining the quota) can be exempted from the lottery and directly get the qualification. (Note: For those who choose to retain quota from 2020 to 2021, the number of entry sessions will be calculated including the qualification of 2020 Wuxi Marathon)

    2. There are 300 charity quotas for the marathon and 200 charity quotas for the half marathon. After the deadline, the participants who choose the charity quota can be exempted from the lottery and directly get the qualification for the race. Once the quota is confirmed, withdrawal will not be accepted.

    3. Invited athletes, official pacers, title sponsors, sponsors, partners and official media will be uniformly allocated by the organizing committee.

    (VII)The measures for the disabled participants’ entry

    The methods for disabled athletes to register for this event shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Notice on Disabled Athletes Participating in National Marathon and Related Sports Events on the official website of CAA:

    1. As the course conditions do not allow, there will be no wheelchair racing group and wheelchair participants are not allowed to participate in the race.    

    2. Participants with disabilities (including non-racing wheelchairs) must meet the age and health requirements of all participants in 2021 Wuxi Marathon, pay the entry fee according to the entry requirements, and participate in the unified entry lottery after the excess.

    3. Before starting the race, participants with visual impairment, hearing impairment, intellectual disability and upper limb disability and able-bodied participants will gather and check in at the corresponding area. Non-racing wheelchair participants and participants with baby strollers shall assemble and register at the back of the assembly area of the mini marathon and start the race in unity.

    4. In order to ensure the safety of all participants in the race, a visually impaired participant must be accompanied throughout the race. Other disabled participants and non-wheelchair participants are also recommended to invite a companion participant to participate in the race. Companion participants should be selected from the official participants registered in this event, or apply to the organizing committee for assistance in recruiting companion runners.

    (VIII)Mode of payment

    All participants can pay through Alipay, WeChat or PayPal.

    Ⅳ. Check in  

     (Ⅰ)Check-in time

    10.00~20.00, April 8th (Reserved hour by hour)

    10.00~20.00, April 9th (Reserved hour by hour)

    9.00~21.00, April 10th (Reserved hour by hour)

    No check-in on race day morning. Please properly arrange the schedule.

     (Ⅱ)Check-in place

    Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center

     (Ⅲ)Credentials for check-in

    1. Mainland Chinese participants must present the original ID card of the second generation within the validity period.

    2. Participants from Hong Kong (China) and Macao (China) must hold the original Exiting Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents.

    3. Taiwan Chinese participants must hold the original Taiwan Resident Travel Permit to and from Mainland China.

    4. Non-Chinese participants must hold the original passport.

    5. For minors, their guardians or legal representatives shall carry the original guardian's certificate and the original household registration book with the participants to go through the check-in  procedures.

    *With regard to those who do not have the above-mentioned certificates will be refused to issue the race kits.

     (Ⅳ)Notes for check-in

    The race kits must be collected by the participants themselves. No race kits will be collected on behalf of the participants. The identity of the participants will be verified one by one through face recognition technology. Please bring along the original valid ID before collecting the race kits. The organizing committee will refuse to issue the race kits to the participants if the person and the ID are inconsistent.

    (Ⅴ)Notes for check-in and mailing

    1. For those who cannot come to check in, please pay attention to the announcement on the official website after the event and choose the race kits other than the bib number, wristband and chips. The cost incurred shall be borne by the participants themselves.

    2. Chips, number bibs and event wristband only can be collected by the participant himself. Participants must carry valid original credentials to collect race kits. Participants will be checked for certificates, such as do not match. The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse to issue race kits. There is no race kits collection on the race day morning. Participants must arrive at the right place within a specified time to collect race kits.

    3. Clothing sizes will not be collected during entry. Clothing sizes will be distributed according to the event distribution and application order, on a first-come-first-served basis.

    4. If the participant wants to change the clothing size due to personal reasons, the original package can be changed at the check-in site. If the original package is opened, it cannot be changed.

    5. No race kits will be collected on behalf of the participants in this event.

    (Ⅵ)Notes for the event wristband

    Race wristband is playing important credentials, get the finish souvenirs. It will be worn on for participants by staff at the scene of the check-in. Participants are not allowed to remove, damaged, transfer events wristband. Otherwise the organizing committee shall have the right to refuse participants to enter the starting area. The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse to issue finish souvenirs to participants with obvious signs of damaged wristband.

    V. Contacts of the Organizing Committee  

    (I)Service Tel: 400-99-42195 Ext. 1

    (Work Time: 9:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday)



    Wuxi Marathon Organizing Committee

    March 8th, 2021


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